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We are a wholesale jewelry company located in Southern California specializing in one-of-a-kind jewelry charms beautifully crafted with the finest metals in keepsake designs. 

Our impressive catalog consists of charms perfectly suited for your company’s buying needs. We offer several unique categories for every holiday, special occasion, hobby, pets, astrology/zodiac, religious/spiritual, initials, numerology, wedding/anniversary, and so much more. Shop our online catalog today and find the design you have always had in mind.

The majority of our charms are available in different color premium metal types. These metals include thick plated yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and 925 sterling silver.

What is a Wholesale Supplier?

Wholesale suppliers are companies that distribute products in bulk quantities to both large and small businesses. A wholesale supplier offers bulk item order discounts, unlike purchasing single units, where the cost is typically much higher after the product has gone through the supply chain.

Shop us today and see the difference in customer service, price points, and quality.

Ordering From a Bulk Seller

Placing an order from a wholesale vendor guarantees the best price for the number of items you purchase in a single order. Larger bulk item orders result in a smaller price per unit equivalent, giving you a fantastic deal on high-quality merchandise for your company.

This purchasing process allows us to offer a plentiful variety of merchandise for you to easily purchase with a click of a button. This streamlined approach easily fulfills your inventory needs well within your budget and without any hassle.

Each product is subject to quality control before it is sent out. This extra step assures your order will include products that meet the listing descriptions and your high expectations.

Why Choose HarperCrown

We have been in the jewelry wholesale business for over a decade, providing large and small companies with wholesale handcrafted charms not found anywhere else. We manufacture items here in the USA and ship directly to our customers. There is no middle men. All our items are made and shipped directly to you at wholesale prices. We do custom casting and jewelry metal plating to achieve a specialized design with remarkable characteristics and features. We also offer engraving services as well. Personalize your orders today with our professional in-house services.

HarperCrown is a one-stop-shop for wholesale charms and wholesale jewelry. From classic to contemporary trends, our collections include various size charms, stones, cubic zirconia, and metal finishes that provide the ultimate compliment for your store’s jewelry inventory.

We are a trusted wholesale jewelry supplier with hands-on expertise within this specialized niche and look forward to doing business with you.

Shop wholesale charms today and discover the wealth of savings and the ease of purchasing bulk item orders.

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