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Gold-Filled Jewelry | 7 Accessories That Will Make You Feel Golden
By: Sawyer Wood

What is Gold-Filled Jewelry?

Since its invention, jewelry has been made from a wide range of different things. Bone, shell, jet, feathers, beads, and beyond - if it could be used to craft an accessory, it was. But nowadays, we’re a touch more conventional in both our jewelry choices and what we use to construct them. Precious metals are generally used as the materials of choice, and when it comes to wholesale accessories like what we sell here at HarperCrown, gold-filled jewelry is the undisputed king.

What distinguishes gold-filled from simply gold, though? Well, quite a bit, actually. To put it simply, jewelry that’s gold-filled utilizes more than just gold in its composition.  There’s another type of metal at its core - sterling silver, brass, and copper are all popular choices - while gold makes up the outer, visible layer. This makes it a more affordable option, but it also makes the resulting jewelry far more durable, long-lasting, and less likely to tarnish, as solid gold is inherently fragile and delicate in a way that other metals simply aren’t.

Now, you can’t just slap any amount of gold on a product and call it gold-filled. “Gold-filled” is instead a technical term for a particular type of jewelry, and there are specific legal requirements that jewelry must meet to fall under the label.  In most places, including the US, the primary requirement is that 5% of the jewelry piece in question is comprised of gold. If it doesn’t meet that percentage (or 1/20 when measured by weight), it’s simply gold-plated rather than gold-filled.

7 Accessories That Will Make You Feel Golden

Alright, so we cleared up the meaning of the word. But why would someone opt for gold-filled when they could pick something else? Well, as we said before, it’s less expensive than accessories that are pure gold, not to mention way stronger. However, it’s also a hypoallergenic option since it is also completely nickel-free, and offers a whole lot of choice. Pretty much any design or accessory you can think of comes is available as “gold-filled,” giving you the freedom to get (and sell) exactly the wholesale jewelry you want without having to settle on either look, price, or metal composition!

Have we won you over to the idea of gold-filled jewelry? If so, you might now be a bit overwhelmed at the sheer variety of accessories out on the market. Choice paralysis is never fun, though, so we put together a short list of some of our most popular wholesale pieces. Purchase any of these gold-filled accessories and you’ll be feeling just as golden as they look once you rip open the package. 

  1. Gold Filled Braided Hoop Earrings

Regular hoops are an understated, go-to for many people. But what if you’re searching for inventory that’s just a little bit louder, a little bit more styled? Then these braided hoop earrings will be just the ticket. Leaning away from a more quiet aesthetic, they showcase a woven design, 14k gold filling, and a slightly oversized 12mm construction that’s anything other than basic. Completed with the same ultra shiny finish as our wholesale charms, these gold-filled earrings will surely turn a few heads each and every time they’re worn. Choosy customers, rejoice.

  1. Gold-Filled Circle Stud Earrings

Right now, it’s pretty safe to say our culture’s firmly stuck on minimalism, and that’s definitely reflected in our style. Embraced this continuing trend already yet are still on the hunt for the perfect complementing accessory to make your shop selection really pop? Well, we’d bet good money that our gold-filled open circle studs are just what you’ve been seeking. A simple circle that sits flush against the ear, they’re plain yet pretty, and very unobtrusive at only 7mm. Just as importantly, they’re very comfortable, too; lightweight, hypoallergenic, and worn with backing clutches that don’t ever pinch or dig-in!

  1. Gold Filled Dainty Chain Bracelets

Wholesale jewelry can sometimes drop the ball when it comes to feminine, dainty designs, often feeling more cheap than delicate. Frankly, we hate that, so we challenged ourselves to do it better - and we think we delivered. Going with gold-filled over gold-plated, reliable spring ring clasps over the usual lobster claw, and quality US manufacturing, each wholesale bracelet is sturdy and strong even with its fine, graceful design. We also decided to make them available in 9 unique styles (paper clip links to disc chain are all present!) and 5 lengths, letting you provide family, friends, and customers the very variety they deserve.

  1. 4mm Gold Filled Cubic Zirconia Solitaire Post Earrings

Feeling down at the astronomical price put on diamonds? You don’t have to be! Cubic zirconia is a wonderful alternative that’s affordable for you and your shoppers alike while keeping to the beautiful, and elegant look of the real thing. And not to brag, but we have a set of earrings you won’t want to miss. What makes them so special? For starters, they’re wonderfully shiny, gleaming in a way that any discerning eye will appreciate. Additionally, their edges and posts are gold-filled with quality, 14k gold, rounding out their expensive appearance all without the accompanying high cost.

  1. Gold Filled 3-Ball Minimalist Cluster Earrings

We fully hold that casting is an art. Even the simplest of designs are far from easy to create, so imagine how much effort was used to develop our 3-ball minimalist cluster earrings. One of our favorite wholesale gold-filled products yet, these 3-ball earrings are stunning. The cluster design is minimalist in the best way possible, a little something different than the standard pared-back fare. Better still, they look great for piercings beyond the standard lobe! So, if you have customers looking for tragus, inner lobe, or possibly even inner conch jewelry that’s not your basic stainless steel barbell or captive bead, these gold-filled earrings are just what you need.

  1. Gold Filled Alphabet/Initial Custom Earrings

The stud earring market is flooded with every design under the sun. Even so, sometimes it’s the simple things that really prove the most popular and timeless, and initial earrings? Those definitely count. Take advantage of their prevalence by adding our alphabet custom wholesale earrings to your product catalog! As you’d hope, they’re simple, shiny, and high-quality. 14k gold-filled for comfort and aesthetics in equal measure, 5.5mm letters for anytime wearability, and made right here in LA, your customers will be left clamoring for more.

  1. 14K Gold-Filled Hinged Hoop Earrings

Though we may have started this gold-filled accessory list with the (semi) bold and new, there’s nothing quite like the tried and true. That’s where our hinged hoop earrings come in. They’re precisely what you’d expect from a staple piece. They have a traditional hoop shape, hinge closure, and a gold-filled construction that offers brilliant balance between longevity, looks, and affordability. That’s not to say they don’t bring something else to the table, though. These wholesale mainstays do come in both gold and rose-gold filled varieties and can be purchased in sizes ranging from 13mm to 22mm. It’s wholesale, but how you want it!


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