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Which Choice Is Best; Gold Plated, Gold Filled, Or Vermeil?

If you’re a casual jewelry buyer, then you’ve probably always assumed that there was little difference between gold plated, gold filled, and vermeil. Gold plated and gold filled sound so similar, but there is a vast difference between all three of these options. In this article, the differences in material, manufacturing, and price will be demystified so you can choose the option that’s best for you. 

Pure gold is not only expensive but too soft to be used for jewelry meant for everyday wear. That’s why gold is mixed with other metals and measured in karats. The majority of the jewelry sold is made from base metals and then coated in gold using several processes. 

Everything You Need To Know About The Term Gold Plated

In the case of gold plating, the jewelry is made from brass, copper, or another low-end metal. A layer of nickel is usually attached as a connector between that metal and the gold layer they are about to add. A layer of gold is then fused on top using electroplating. Electroplating combines the metals in an electrolytic bath of salts. 

As you can imagine, on a delicate piece of jewelry, these layers are very small and lightweight. The gold plating is such a light layer that it doesn’t even add to the weight of the item. It is usually around 0.05% of the total weight. 

Gold plating has a lower price point making this jewelry very accessible; however, it is slightly less durable than other methods of adding gold to jewelry. You’ll want to keep your gold plated items away from heat and moisture if possible to prolong the life of the piece.  

Everything You Need To Know About The Term Gold Filled

This terminology is a bit misleading because rather than filling anything with gold, it is simply a term for adding a gold layer on top of another metal. In this process, you’ll get a thicker layer of gold than you would with plating. The gold layer is pressure-bonded to the core metal. In comparison to the gold plated jewelry, gold-filled is 5% or more gold weighted. If you want to think of it, karats, that’s 10k or higher. 

While it doesn’t beat out solid gold in value, it is a much thicker layer of gold, often resulting in a high price point. The gold filling process uses intense pressure and usually requires a silver, copper, or brass base. 

Everything You Need To Know About The Term Vermeil 

This is one causal jewelry buyers might not have heard of before. Vermeil is similar to gold plating, but the base metal is higher-quality, usually silver. The layer of gold can be super thin or a bit thicker; this will greatly vary the price point of vermeil jewelry. Since vermeil is a combination of silver and gold, it is considered of higher quality and value than gold plated items. 

Vermeil is a fantastic mid-range price point and makes an excellent gift. If you choose a thin layer of gold, it may tarnish in time and need replating. Thicker layers will require less maintenance but will be priced higher. Vermeil is very versatile, and you’ve probably bought it countless times before without realizing it. 

Which Type Of Jewelry Is Right For You?

What matters most to you when purchasing jewelry? The answer to this question might vary; for example, when you’re looking for everyday pieces for yourself, you might choose to go for a lower price point than when you’re looking for a gift to give your mother for her birthday. Besides cost and quality, some people also want to factor in allergies or how long the piece will last with minimal upkeep. 

Best For Allergies:

If you have allergies or sensitive skin, you have to consider what type of jewelry you wear. Allergies are usually to the lower quality base metals like copper or brass. The gold layer offers some protection between your skin and the base metal, but that thin layer of gold can rub off and leave your skin exposed to the metal that will cause irritation. Vermeil would be an excellent option for people with sensitive skin because you can choose vermeil with a thicker layer of gold. Gold-filled is also an option but could be price prohibitive for some. 

Lowest Maintenance:

Gold plated jewelry that is worn often will tarnish once the base metal becomes exposed. If the piece has some sentimental value, you can have it replated. However, many people choose gold plated due to its low cost and don’t expect it to last a lifetime. Once again, Vermeil is a great option here because you can choose a slightly thicker layer of gold and get a long-lasting piece for your collection that won’t tarnish quickly. 

Given As Heirlooms and Gifts:

Pure gold pieces of various karats are great for special gifts and family heirlooms, but if your budget can’t handle it, there are other options. Gold filled jewelry can contain a very thick layer of gold and makes great high-end gifts. Vermeil has a base made of silver and then a layer of gold that comes in various thicknesses. You can find incredible pieces of vermeil jewelry, considered “demi-fine.” 

Best Everyday Accessory Pieces:

Gold plated jewelry is a phenomenal choice for everyday pieces you consider an accessory. Jewelry helps accent and elevate an outfit. With a lower price point, gold plated is an excellent choice for lightweight pieces that are affordable. You can also find great gold plated gift jewelry within a budget. 

Having three different choices (gold filled, gold plated, and vermeil) gives you a lot of options depending on the occasion and use you are going for. If you’re looking for elegant yet affordable jewelry that is gold plated or vermeil, check out HarperCrown. Rings, bracelets, wholesale charms, and more are available for purchase. 

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