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By: Leslie H.

Over the past several months, the price of gold has seen a significant increase, influenced by a combination of economic, geopolitical, and market dynamics. The price of gold is projected to continue its upward trend throughout 2024 due to several key factors:

1. Interest Rate Cuts: The anticipation of interest rate cuts by the US Federal Reserve is a major catalyst for the rising gold prices. Lower interest rates reduce the opportunity cost of holding non-yielding assets like gold, making it more attractive relative to other investments (Goldman Sachs)

2. Central Bank Purchase: Central banks globally have been purchasing gold at a historic pace, which supports higher gold prices. These purchases are often seen as a hedge against economic uncertainty and as part of strategies to diversify reserves away from the US dollar (Goldman Sachs)

3. Geopolitical Tensions and Economic Uncertainties: Ongoing geopolitical tensions and economic uncertainties continue to drive investors towards gold as a safe-haven asset. Events such as the Russia-Ukraine & Israel-Iran conflict and concerns over a potential US recession contribute to this trend (Goldman Sachs).

4. Inflation Concerns: With inflation expectations remaining elevated, gold continues to be favored as an effective hedge against inflation. This traditional role of gold bolsters its demand during times when consumers and investors worry about the diminishing value of fiat currencies (Mint).

5. Retail Demand in Emerging Markets: Strong retail demand, particularly in emerging markets like China and India, also supports higher gold prices. In these countries, gold is not only seen as an investment but is culturally significant, especially during festive seasons (Mint).

6. Investment and ETF Demand: While the demand for gold ETFs has seen some fluctuations, overall investment demand remains high. Gold's role as a part of diversified investment portfolios continues to attract both institutional and retail investors (Mint).


The increasing gold prices have a direct impact on the price of gold jewelry. As the raw material cost rises, the retail prices of gold jewelry also increase. This often results in higher retail prices for consumers, and it can affect the demand for gold jewelry, particularly in price-sensitive markets. However, in cultures where gold holds significant traditional and sentimental value, demand may remain robust despite higher prices.

The increase in gold prices has had a noticeable impact on the jewelry market, with various trends and market dynamics responding to the higher costs of gold. As gold prices have risen, consumer demand for gold jewelry has shown resilience, although the high prices have led to a shift in preferences. Consumers are increasingly opting for lighter-weight and high-purity gold products, which are more affordable yet still maintain the value and appeal of gold. There's also a growing trend towards minimalistic and personalized jewelry, which requires less material and therefore remains more accessible despite rising gold prices. Despite the high prices, the global jewelry market is expected to grow, driven by increased consumer spending power. 


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