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By: Leslie H.

Necklaces come in many different styles, materials, and colors, but finding the right size can sometimes feel daunting. The necklace length will effect how the necklace will sit on your body and the overall look you're trying to achieve. But finding the right necklace size isn't difficult. Here's a reference and descriptions for each size to help you find the right necklace length. 

Necklaces are generally categorized into lengths that are suited for different styles and purposes:

Collar (12 to 14 inches):
- Sits tightly around the neck.
- Ideal for off-the-shoulder, boat neck, or V-neck garments.
- Popular for formal wear and adding a touch of elegance.

Choker (14 to 16 inches):
- Lies just above the collarbone.
- Offers a classic, versatile look that works well with almost any outfit.
- Can be both casual and formal, depending on the material and design.

Princess (17 to 19 inches):
- The most popular length, it hangs over the collarbone.
- Perfect for pendants and enhances both high and low necklines.
- Suits a variety of jewelry styles from simple chains to more substantial pieces.

Matinee (20 to 24 inches):
- Falls between the collarbone and the bust.
- Ideal for business or casual wear.
- Often used for longer pendants and to layer with shorter necklaces.

Opera (28 to 36 inches):
- Hangs below the bust and can be worn as a single strand or doubled up.
- Versatile for both casual and formal wear, adding a touch of elegance.
- Often paired with evening wear or used to dress up simpler outfits.

Rope (36 inches and longer):
- Can be worn as a single long loop, doubled, or sometimes even tripled.
- Commonly seen in pearl necklaces or with embellishments such as knots.
- Offers a dramatic look and is quite flexible in styling.

Selecting the right necklace length involves considering several factors, including the wearer's body type, neck size, and the outfit with which the necklace will be worn:

  • Body Type: Taller individuals or those with larger necks might find longer lengths more flattering, while petite persons might prefer shorter lengths.
  • Neck Size: Measuring the neck for a collar or choker can ensure a comfortable fit.
  • Outfit and Occasion: Higher necklines pair well with longer chains, while plunging necklines can accommodate shorter lengths or chokers. Formal occasions may call for more sophisticated styles like opera or rope lengths.


  • Layering: Combine different lengths to add depth and interest to your look. For example, layering a princess necklace with a matinee can create an engaging play of textures and elements.
  • Pendant Focus: If wearing a pendant, ensure the length of the necklace positions it as a focal point on the body. For example, a princess-length chain typically allows a pendant to lie over the sternum, making it easily visible.
  • Face Shape: The length of the necklace can also complement the wearer’s face shape. Longer necklaces can elongate the look of a round face, while shorter necklaces or chokers might accentuate the length of an oval or rectangular face shape.

Necklace lengths offer a wide range of styling options. Understanding the different sizes and their effects can help anyone choose the perfect necklace length. Whether it's a snug collar or a long, dramatic rope, the right necklace length is easy to choose. 


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