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Ohm is a popular sound used in meditation to enter into a trance. It is said that through the sound of Ohm, one can achieve enlightenment in their spiritual journey, meaning they can be free from pain and suffering while also being able to find peace with oneself. It encompasses everything in life. It is the beginning, middle, and end of existence.  

If you're familiar with the phrase, you might be curious what the historical significance is of the symbol. In this article, we cover everything you need to know about Ohm.

What Is the History behind Ohm?

The meaning of ohm is an ancient word that is shrouded in mystery. The sound is said to invoke a divine spark that resides within all things and gives them life. In Hinduism, it symbolizes the word "Omkar," which means creative power of sound as well as spirit or soul.

It also represents how everything in our lives flows from one place and moves back together again. It essentially means that there is no end to death and that rebirth happens consistently, allowing the soul to take on many different forms such as animals, plants, or even rocks, for example.

The Meaning Behind the Ohm Symbol

The symbol of Ohm consists of one dot, one semicircle, three curves. It represents illusion, consciousness, dream, waking, and unconscious states.

  • O: The first letter "O" stands for the beginning of the cycle, meaning everything starts with it and ends with it as well.
  • H: The "H" stands for the element of air, meaning breath, spirit, or life force which is always present in every living being.
  • M: The "M" in OHM stands for water. All living things require water. It's what creates new life. In other words, water gives us thoughts, emotions, and feelings to help express our own creativity too.

How Is Ohm Used?

The meaning of ohm is that it helps one to find peace with themselves and those around them. Some ancient religions believe that when you recite the word "Om" meaning "Ohm," it's a form of achieving understanding and wisdom from the universe.

It also has meaning in meditation. By reciting the word, you can enter into a trance that leads to peace and understanding while going on your spiritual journey, allowing you to be free from pain and suffering.

The meaning behind ohm differs from person to person because everyone has their own idea of what enlightenment means. While some people might use its sound during meditation others may wear an "Ohm" necklace as part of their religious belief system like Hinduism.

What Does Ohm Jewelry Mean?

Investing in Ohm jewelry for yourself is a great way to express meaning. It's a symbol of unity, meaning that we are all connected without borders. It also means that you believe in the power to achieve peace through your spirituality. If this is what you're searching for, then adding Ohm charms to your jewelry will help accomplish those goals and help you stay on the path towards enlightenment as you move from unconsciousness to consciousness.

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