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Wishbone Meaning: What the Wishbone Symbolizes
By: Leslie H.

The humble wishbone. It graces our Thanksgiving turkeys, fuels childhood dreams, and, surprisingly, adorns some of the most elegant jewelry pieces. But where does this delicate V-shaped bone get its mystical power, and how is it translated into the world of fashion?

What is a Wishbone?

A wishbone, also known as a furcula, is a forked bone found in birds. This bone is actually the fusion of two clavicles (collarbones), and it's located near the bird's throat, between the neck and the breast. Its primary function in birds is to strengthen the thoracic skeleton to withstand the rigors of flight.

History Behind the Wishbone:

The wishbone's wish-granting reputation dates back centuries. In Roman times, it was associated with birds, creatures believed to carry messages to the gods. Later, Europeans saw the wishbone as a forked path, each side representing a potential outcome. The act of breaking the bone, then, became a way to choose your destiny, with the larger piece signifying a fulfilled wish.

It also has roots in ancient Italian culture, where birds were believed to possess oracle powers. The Etruscans would use the furcula of chickens for divination, a practice that later spread to the Romans and then throughout Europe.


Thanksgiving Tradition with the Wishbone:

It's traditionally associated with Thanksgiving in the United States, where it's customary for two people to pull apart the dried bone of a turkey, with the belief that the one left holding the larger piece will have their wish granted.

From Feast to Fashion:

This rich symbolism naturally found its way into the world of adornment. Wishbone jewelry emerged as a charming way to carry a touch of luck and hope close to your heart. Necklaces, bracelets, rings, and even earrings can now be found sporting the delicate V-shape, crafted from precious metals, shimmering stones, and even wood.

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A Symbol for Jewelry:

The beauty of wishbone jewelry lies in its versatility. It transcends age, style, and even occasion. A simple gold wishbone necklace can add a touch of whimsy to your everyday outfit.

More Than Just Luck:

Beyond its wish-granting, the wishbone can symbolize:

    • Symbol of Hope and Promise: Just like in the traditional breaking of the wishbone, wearing wishbone jewelry is often seen as a symbol of hope and a way to hold onto one's wishes and dreams.

    • Good Luck Charm: Many people wear wishbone jewelry as a talisman for good luck, believing it brings positive energy and fortune.

    • Remembrance and Connection: For some, wishbone jewelry serves as a reminder of a special moment or a connection to a loved one, especially if shared during a significant event like Thanksgiving.

    • Fashion Statement: Beyond its symbolic meaning, wishbone jewelry is also valued for its unique and fashionable design. It often features sleek, minimalist lines that make it versatile for various styles and occasions.

    Wearing Your Wish:

    Whether you believe in the magic of wishes or simply appreciate the delicate beauty of the design, wishbone jewelry offers a unique way to express yourself. So, the next time you're looking for a meaningful accessory, consider adorning yourself with a little luck and a lot of style. Remember, every wishbone holds a story, waiting to be written on your journey.


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