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With the air turning warmer and the tree blossoms beginning to bloom, it’s clear that a new season is upon us. And as we all know, when spring is in the air, love is in the air. It’s only natural to want to celebrate that, even if just through your fashion or accessories, and wearing more jewelry with hearts and love charms is one small (yet fashionable) way to do so.

But what if you want a more original jewelry piece you can’t find on the store shelves? Easy - make it yourself! Naturally, you’ll need to actually have a few pendants and such on hand, but that’s where we come in. Read along for our quick hearts and love charms buyer’s guide to help yourself get started. Pick and choose to buy any among the list, and you’ll be able to make the charm jewelry of your hopeless romantic dreams.

1. Sterling Silver Open Heart Charm

No matter your personal jewelry preference, sometimes it’s nice to just have something simple and minimalistic in your regular rotation. Looking to take the DIY approach here? Why not make a necklace, bracelet, anklet, or another piece of jewelry with this sterling silver heart charm? 

Thanks to its standard shape and small size, it’s pretty straightforward and basic, allowing it to function as the perfect basis for nearly any jewelry item you can come up with. However, made to order with shiny 925 sterling silver and able to be used as either a regular love charm or as a connector, it still manages to add a little something special to an otherwise ordinary charm!

2. Matte Vermeil Rectangle Pendant

Minimalism is a great aesthetic, but it isn’t for everyone. After all, plenty of folks definitely subscribe to the idea that, well, more is more. Rest assured if you count yourself amongst these ranks, though, because we still have a love charm that’s going to be just the right fit for you.

One of our matte vermeil options, the charm in question is pretty, bold, and sends a message - literally and figuratively. Each love pendant totals around 13 mm by five and has 18k gold plating over our wonderful sterling silver for a look that stands out from the crowd while staying classic enough for everyday wear. Also stamped in cursive with “love, mind, soul, body,” it’s a constant reminder to love both others and yourself. 

3. Blank Heart Stamping Charms

One of the best parts of crafting your own jewelry is that it’s highly customizable. There’s no specific formula you need to follow or preset design. It’s entirely up to you on the type of jewelry you create and is only limited by your imagination. Of course, the tools you have at hand can certainly help or hinder matters, too, which is why you need the right ones for the job.

Our blank heart stamping charms just so happen to fit nicely within that category. Unlike some other heart pendants, these are made specifically for the most personalization possible. They’re flat and bare from details, serving as a canvas for your own design ideas. Etch or stamp names, coordinates, important dates, or something else for the ultimate DIY love charm jewelry.

4. Heartbeat Pulse SVG Charm

When it comes to love, nothing is more romantic than telling someone your heart beats only for them. Although, a very close second is actually making a piece of jewelry to remind them every day. Interested in trying it out yourself? Start a strong design by purchasing our heartbeat pulse love charm.

Similar to other Harper Crown pendants, this heartbeat charm is made to catch attention without sacrificing wearability. Sterling silver and 22k rose gold construction means that it’s durable and long-lasting, resisting some of the wear and tear that can sometimes hurt other small charms. Meanwhile, the delicate pulse pattern, shiny finish, and slight texture ensure it is stylish regardless of the jewelry it’s used to craft.

5. 14K Gold Filled Irish Claddagh Crown

Love is universal - transcending locations, languages, belief systems, and beyond - but every culture has a unique understanding of it. This means each has a range of different symbols attached to it, too. It’s all incredibly varied, something that jewelry and fashion can never adequately represent in its fullness. But our line of love charms does offer a bit more variety than the usual, our Irish Claddagh Crown charm serving as just one example.

Unfamiliar with the term? An Irish Claddagh, usually coming in the form of a ring, is an Irish accessory meant to symbolize love, loyalty, and friendship. Charms themselves, rather than full rings, are a smart and modern twist on this tradition, enabling you to express your Irish pride and devotion to others in a new, more flexible way. Measuring 16 mm by 10, it’s only more so, working just as easily for a dangly charm bracelet as a subtle everyday necklace!

6. Shiny Vermeil Gold Heart Beads

New, trendy, of-the-moment pieces should always have a place in one’s jewelry box. After all, they do a great job at keeping your look fresh and exciting! But you don’t want the stuff you wear everyday to all fit into this category. It’s not practical. Eventually, even the hottest must-haves must come of their pedestal and become outdated. Instead, you need to base your jewelry game off the classics, and our shiny vermeil gold heart beads certainly help fill that gap.

Plated in 18k gold, they look fantastic with nearly any wardrobe -- from those built off of t-shirt and jeans to those that consider a structured skirt casual-wear -- and always remain pretty without being overly flashy. Their 5x4 mm size also adds to their understated vibe, giving you an accessory that provides flair without ever overpowering. Basically, it’s the quintessential, classically cool love charm you’ve been searching for.

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