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For countless people around the globe, faith is the absolute central point in their lives. It’s the base they build everything else on, using lessons from scripture, doctrine, religious teachings, UPG, etc., to guide their everyday actions and codes of conduct. From work to relationships to morals and more, religion touches on it all, making it an essential part of some folks’ identities.

As such, it’s only natural to want a symbol to hang onto as you go about your day or a way to signify your beliefs to like-minded people. Jewelry charms are a fantastic way to do so, but it’s hard to know what to buy with so many out there! Looking for a bit of a guide? Read on for seven of our favorite religious charms that’ll quickly become your favorites, too.

1. Large Medallion Greek Coin

Look at the religious jewelry market space, and you’ll quickly notice that certain faiths aren’t all that well represented despite rising popularity. Neo-paganism and earth-based revival traditions especially suffer in this regard, and that also includes traditions like Hellenism.

Embrace this faith and want to actually be able to show it off? Then you should love our large medallion Greek coin! Featuring an old-school Greek aesthetic and 18k gold plated sterling silver, it’s an awesome way to bring your faith into your fashion.

However, if you just like Greek mythology, no worries! This medallion can work just as well for you, adding a touch of classical flair to your everyday look no matter how you decide to wear it.

2. Vermeil Cross Connector Charm

Jewelry design is something that’s constantly changing and evolving. It never stands still because tastes and trends never do either. Yet, a few aspects seem to remain mostly untouched - for better or worse - and one of them is the fact that many jewelry connectors tend not to be used to their full potential.

All too often, these little components are kept rather plain and basic, usually attempting to keep all the attention on a central pendant. If you’re interested in bucking this tradition, though, our vermeil cross connector charm is a fantastic compromise.

Comprised of 22k gold-plated sterling silver and completed with a shiny finish, it definitely supplies a bit of needed visual interest. However, its minimalistic lines and small size never allow the link to take over a piece either, keeping your religious jewelry unique yet understated at the same time.

3. Rectangular St. Christopher Charm

Perhaps one of the most iconic types of religious charms to have ever been created, St. Christopher pendants have been around seemingly forever. They’re just a classic and will likely remain that way far into the future, remaining a powerful symbol of protection and safety in travel and any other potentially dangerous journeys one may make in life.

We sought to give this beloved talisman a slight upgrade and accomplished this through the design of our rectangular St. Christopher charm.

Thanks to its shape, size, and bright non-oxidized surface finish, we kept it plenty familiar for those who prefer to stick with the basics. But we also adopted a rougher, middle-age art-inspired engraving design to keep things simultaneously fresh and historic all at once. Give it a chance, and it might just become your go-to St. Christopher’s charm!

4. Round Christian Cross Pendant

The cross is one of Christianity’s most important symbols, which is why it’s frequently featured in all sorts of religious charms. But even with all the choices available, it’s still not all that easy to find the perfect one for you, with so many ending up too big, too small, overly flashy, out of budget, or simply not right for the jewelry piece you had in mind.

Had this frustrating experience lately? Try out our round Christian cross religious charm for your next latest and greatest necklace, bracelet, or earring creations.

Coming in at approximately 18mm x 22mm with a straightforward 925 stamped cross design, it’s not too busy but also never dull. Essentially, it’s an ideal charm for nearly any project, and we couldn’t recommend it more highly.

5. 14K Patron Saint Christopher Disc

Personally, our rectangular St. Christopher charm is one of our absolute favorite religious charm offerings. At the same time, however, we recognize that everyone’s tastes are different. If you’ve found that our previous product doesn’t quite match the aesthetic you’re going for; you might want to look at our alternative 14K Saint Christopher disc option.

Of course, the differences are immediately apparent. Round as opposed to boxy, more finely detailed, and incorporating writing around the outside edges of the disc, this pendant has a unique feel all its own. But it maintains a similar art direction and engraving style, making it a solid charm for those who desire a more historical vibe just in a smaller, more subtle package.

6. Sacred Heart Religious Medallion

While St. Christopher charms are widely-worn and deeply valued within the Catholic community, that’s not the only charm deserving of attention. Sacred heart medallions pendants standing for Jesus’ heart and dedication to humankind are also a very big thing.

Yet, we were once again not entirely thrilled with the choices for sale. So, we went ahead and created our own. And unlike many other options that exist, we made our sacred heart religious medallion suitable for day-to-day wear!

It’s not extremely bold; instead created to be delicate and dainty, looking right at home with other jewelry rather than completely taking over the show. Available in four different metal tones, it can also be precisely matched to your tastes, working well within any jewelry rotation you can throw at it.

7. Oval Virgin Mary Guadalupe Charm

Our catalog here at Harper Crown is extensive, and we carry just about any charm you can think of - religious or otherwise. Although, up until recently, we didn’t have anything that represented the Virgin Mary, and we decided to change that with this 14K gold oval charm.

Hand-casted, lead and nickel free, and perfectly finished, our virgin Mary Guadalupe pendant easily keeps up with the quality you’ll find in our other pieces but offers distinct jewelry possibilities you won’t see anywhere else. Grab a few of these utilizing our bulk discounts, and your jewelry will reach an entirely new audience, quickly turning up your profits and expanding your reach.

Just making a few accessories for yourself or your family? This religious charm works for that just as well, giving you yet another one-of-a-kind creation that’ll always stand out from the rest.

Didn't see anything you like? Take a look at our entire religious charms collection.


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