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7 Amazing Charms for the Nature-Lover In You
By: Sawyer Wood


Accessories are a fun way to jazz up any outfit or look you may put together, but they can sometimes still yet feel too generic or basic for those of us who have specific tastes. Insert charms! They’re fun, affordable, and endlessly customizable, giving you the option to change up your jewelry whenever you like. And, better yet, they’re available to suit just about any interests and preferences out there. Even we nature-lovers are well represented. Curious what options we’ve put together here at HarperCrown? Read on to discover seven of our favorite wholesale animal charms!

1. Gold Serpent Snake Charm | Vermeil

    When most people think about animals, they have a tendency to imagine those of the softer and fluffier varieties. However, we hold that all creatures are amazing in their own way -- including our reptile friends. Think similarly yourself? Then our vermeil gold snake charm will be an awesome addition to whatever DIY project you’re working on. Cast in a bright gold finish with a coiled serpent shape, this pendant combines the atypical with the classic, allowing you to show off your love of our planet’s scaly creatures in complete style anywhere from the board room to the living room.

    2. 3D Boho Honeybee Pendant | Gold Plated

      Whether you’re a friend to the reptiles or aren’t quite as charmed by all the  things that slither and slide as others may be, there is one thing we should all be able to recognize: we need to save the bees! The primary pollinators for so many foods and flowers we love, it’s critical we kick it into gear to help them out. Don’t know where to start? Simply wear our 3D boho honeybee pendant or use it in a design. It may not directly do much but it can start a conversation and draw attention to these incredible little creatures! And, hey, the cute design and small dimensions make it an awesome charm regardless.

      3. Shiny Lucky Elephant Head Pendant | Vermeil

        Exceptionally smart, altruistic, and, in many cultures and religions, sacred, the elephant is easily one of our planet’s most amazing creatures. It also happens to be one of the most popular. If you’ve got a particular soft spot for it, too, then this is the charm for you. Available in 18k gold plating over 925 sterling silver, this elephant head pendant beautifully captures these (usually) gentle giants. With some of our most involved detail work yet along with a 20x16 mm size, it’s ideal for nearly any design project you can think of, from necklaces to charm bracelets to anklets and more.

        4. Sterling Silver Bird Feather Charm | 925 Sterling Silver

          You know that old phrase “birds of a feather flock together?” Well, that may be the case for the winged animals flying high above our stomping grounds, but the saying holds true for us. Finding our people isn’t always all that simple, though, so help yourself find your tribe with this sterling silver bird feather charm. Display it on some piece of jewelry, and you’re sure to attract all sorts of fashion or accessory-loving friends your way. DIYer who prefers making things for others over yourself? Our feather charm is still one of the best options you can pick up as it has a delicate, wide-ranging appeal that everyone can adore.

          5. Golden Plant Leaf Charm | Vermeil

            Soft and fluffy, scaly and slinky, feathered, or something else entirely, all animals hold a special place in our hearts. But there’s more to being a nature-lover than appreciating our fellow creatures of the Earth. It’s also about thoroughly embracing the environment around us in all its leafy glory, and our golden leaf charm is just one way to do that. Featuring a textured plant design that’s large, eye-catching, and uber-glossy, it makes a lovely statement piece -- all for a low price, too. At only $9 a pop with increasing discounts for bulk orders, you can sure afford one not just for you but for anyone else who’d also appreciate having a little bit of nature with them always.

            6. Wholesale Filled Fox Wolf Pendant | Gold Filled

              Like our other charms but howling for something a little different, maybe something more simplistic? Give our filled fox/wolf pendant a try. Where our elephant head pendant is ultra detail-oriented and shiny, this one is more flat and matte, offering an aesthetic that’s minimalistic and easy. It then can be worn everyday as a staple piece, letting you walk a little on the wild side (see what we did there?) without completely distracting from the rest of your look. Comprised of gold-filled silver sheet metal, it’s certainly plenty sturdy enough to last you wear after wear. Buy it today and let it become your go-to charm tomorrow.

              7. Shiny Vermeil Dog Paw Tag | Vermeil

                One of our main missions at HarperCrown is making sure that everyone can find a charm that works for them. But if we’ve been barking up the wrong tree with coiled snake pendants, leaf charms, and bee charms, then perhaps our shiny vermeil dog paw tag can take your personal best in show. Like you’d assume from the title, this charm comes in a basic paw shape with a sizeable loop that makes for straightforward attachment. Grab a small jump ring, a necklace, bracelet, or even keychain that suits your needs, and there you go -- you’ve got a brand new accessory that proves just how paw-some you are.

                Didn't see anything you like? Take a look at our entire collection of nature charms.


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