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Evil Eyes and Hamsa Hands | 7 Must-Have Symbolic Icon Charms
By: Sawyer Wood

People are remarkably varied. It’s really true that no two of us are exactly the same - each containing our own little combination of quirks, personality traits, attitudes, and likes/dislikes unique to no one else. However, one thing that remains the same regardless of differences in background, movie taste, food preferences, and all the other little things that make us, well, us, is our penchant for wearing symbols.

Whether religious or nature, spiritually-driven, or something that simply resonates with one’s personality, nearly all of us have some type of symbol or icon accessory that we’ll feel drawn to: you included! And with our broad selection, we’re willing to bet you’ll find something in our symbolic charms collection that speaks to you.

Overwhelmed glancing through the catalogue? Here are seven we consider absolute must-haves. From evil eyes to hamsa hands, there’s a little bit of everything here.

  1. Evil Eye Micro Pave Saphire Blue Charm

Since the ancient Greeks and likely even before, the evil eye has long been a symbol of protection and safety - wearing it thought to be a ward against the forces of evil. Feel like you could stand a little bit of extra safety in your life? Try out our evil eye micro pave charm!

Made with our unique wax casting technique and comprised of sturdy brass, it’s certainly a piece you can rely on throughout the years. Thanks to 16k gold plating, deep sapphire coloring, and cubic zirconia that looks every bit the real thing, however, it’s also equally beautiful. If you’re not prepared to get a million compliments, you might want to start expecting that right now.

  1. Eye of Ra Flat Circle Disc Charm

Known to Egyptians long ago as a king amongst gods and the father of all creation, Ra has historically had extremely powerful connotations. And with our eye of Ra flat circle disc charm, you too can harness that. With a simple but eye-catching (pun fully intended) design and more super shiny 16k gold, it maintains that familiar Egyptian aesthetic.

Yet rest assured, this accessory lives totally in the now, made from high-quality materials that can withstand plenty of wear and tear and small enough it’ll work with every favorite piece in your closet.

  1. Cubic Zirconia Black Stone Greek Eye Pendant

Some people out there love charms that are a bit more on the subtle side, and we make sure we create options for those that fall into this category. But if that’s not you, we’ve also got just the ticket. Love our eye of Ra disc but wish there was a little more to it? Insert our black stone Greek eye pendant.

Similar to the previous piece, it’s made from brass and quality gold plating, but the design has been turned up with more classical, intricate detailing. Thorough line work, a contrasting black center, and 12mm diameter - all guarantee this pendant will keep everyone’s eyes right on you where they belong!

  1. 14K Gold Double-Sided Evil Eye

The evil eye has become almost commonplace due to its constant presence from ancient times to now. Despite this, it’s still very much a magical, mystical symbol and we’ve played homage to that in the design of our double-sided evil eye charm.

Featuring an engraved eye encircled by various sized beads and two large stars, it perfectly encapsulates the air of mysticism fitting the symbol. That also happens to make it an ideal charm for wiccans, neopagans, tarot-readers, astrology lovers, or simply anyone who believes that there’s something more than just what we see on the surface.

  1. Sitting Buddha Meditation Pendant

We’ve focused a considerable amount on evil eyes. But there are plenty of other symbols near and dear to people’s hearts and the Buddha often comes in at the very top. A figure standing for enlightenment, dedication, and devotion to shedding the ego, all of us can stand to learn a little something from the Buddha. Remind yourself of these lessons everyday with our meditating Buddha pendant.

Available in 925 sterling silver, 22K shiny gold, 22K matte gold, and even 22K rose gold plated, it can easily fit into just about everyone’s individual style and look great while doing it. And at only 15x9mm, it’s also subtle enough for everyday, regardless of whether you throw it on a necklace chain, make it into a set of earrings, or get creative and do something else entirely.

  1. Spiritual Buddha Yogi Head Charm

For those who enjoy the idea of a Buddha pendant and are looking for one with a different vibe, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with this spiritual Buddha yogi head charm! As you’d probably expect given the name, this pendant is a zoomed in look at the real-life enlightened figure and it undoubtedly ranks as one of our favorite carried charms.

Carefully detailed to capture everything from the texture of the hair to the shape of the face, it’s a gorgeous piece that’s instantly recognizable - an excellent conversation starter if there ever was one! Like the previous offering, this yogi head pendant comes in a range of colors, too, assuring that there’s at least one option you’ll want to take home.

  1. 18K Gold Hamsa Hand Good Luck Charm

From meditating Buddhas to evil eyes, our crew here at HarperCrown have worked hard to craft a symbol charm line that works for everybody. Feel like there’s something missing, though? If you came up with “hamsa hands,” know that we’ve also got a range of those ready to find loving homes.

One of them among the mix: our 18k gold hamsa hand good luck charm. Intensely textured, glossy, thick, and with a visible star of David right in the middle, it’s a pendant that automatically makes a statement. Enjoy centering spirituality and faith in your life? This is definitely the option for you!

 Didn't see anything you like? Take a look at our entire collection of buddha, hamsa, and evil eye charms.


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