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The Rings to Rule Them All: 7 Wholesale Rings for Everyday Wear
By: Sawyer Wood

Jewelry is something so individual and personal - a way to tell others about you, your style, and what you love without even saying a word. Using charms to create personalized necklaces, earrings, and more is one great way to showcase all of the above but what if you just want a few go-to pieces you can just mix and match, no DIY required? Well, that’s where our wholesale minimalist rings come into play.

With an extensive catalog to choose from, though, we know picking the ring (or rings!) best for you can be a little overwhelming, so we’ve decided to help make the process a little less complicated. Read along for seven of the best rings we’ve currently got on tap, each perfect for daily wear alone or paired with another wholesale jewelry piece for some extra flair.

  1. Wholesale Birthstone Stacking Ring

Birthstone rings have been a mainstay in the jewelry world since, well, pretty much forever. Minimalist, maximalist, or somewhere in-between, nearly any wholesale jewelry piece can benefit from this fun, personalized addition. So, we decided to take that and run with it and our awesome yet affordable wholesale birthstone stacking ring is the outcome.

Unlike some other designs out on the market, it doesn’t just come with one or two color options. We’ve got all of the birth months represented here! January through December, anyone who adores this ring’s yellow gold finish and wonderful handcasted charm can pick one up. And available in ring sizes five through eight and at only $12 each, it’s open and inclusive to more people than ever before.

  1. Minimalist Double Heart Ring

Despite the popularity of Marie Kondo and capsule wardrobes, minimalism still gets a bad rap these days. Folks have a tendency to find it somewhat lacking, a bit boring or plain when it comes to clothing or jewelry. And we get where they might come up with that idea, but we’d challenge them to think anything of the sort when they see our minimalist double heart ring.

Complete with a simple and svelte 1mm gold, rose gold, or sterling silver band, small heart charm, and a shiny finish that immediately draws the eye, it’s anything but another round of dainty rings worth forgetting. Instead, this piece is sweet, charming, and totally holds its own against both wholesale jewelry and homemade alike. It looks even better in person, too, which is always a nice surprise.

  1. 14K Gold Opal Midi Ring

Often, people think that making a statement means wearing something big, bold, and flashy. However, that totally isn’t necessary if that isn’t your thing. You can still be fashionable and memorable while using subtler pieces and this couldn’t be more well-demonstrated than with our 14K gold opal midi ring.

Thanks to its 1mm band filled with 14K gold, this wholesale ring is nice and familiar, offering up a little shine without being overly noticeable. But meanwhile, the opal stone serves to elevate it a little, giving it just the additional touch it needs to make a quiet impact. Have an outfit or an event that could use something louder or more dramatic? Stack your ring jewelry to create a gorgeous multi-opal effect that will feel right at home in at any wedding, party, or work function!

  1. Dainty Chevron Band Ring

What’s the first thing that comes to mind with the word “chevron?” If you, your friends, or a family member are into the knitting/crocheting scene, a plethora of rugs and blankets probably popped into your head. However, you’ll find your mind wandering in a completely different direction after trying out this dainty chevron band ring.

Keeping with the theme many of our other minimalist rings stick to, it’s delicate, feminine, and above all, gorgeous to look at. Once again only 1mm thick, it’s also super lightweight and comfortable but it remains fashion-forward and design-conscious because of its gleaming finish and chevron detailing. Essentially, it’s just a wonderfully balance piece and it’s sure to become a new favorite of anybody who tries it on for size.

  1. Basic Solitaire Stacking Ring

Card players, we’re sorry to say you won’t find any games here. However, browse our extensive accessories’ catalogue and you’ll surely still have a winning hand. We’ve got a little something for everyone here, suiting any aesthetic from over-the-top to under-the-radar. Tend to gravitate towards the latter? We’d be willing to bet that our single solitaire ring is probably the right play for you.

Why’s that? Well, for starters, this particular ring is simple and understated. It features the same great band from its sister pieces, petite and glossy yet never gaudy. This ring comes in several charm options, too, allowing you full control of how much visual interest you want to add. Plain, cubic zirconia, pearls, and a range of stones are all offered up for total customization. Stick with what you know or get out of your comfort zone - the choice is yours.

  1. Two-Ring Band Wave Ring

You know how they say that two heads are better than one? Well, that isn’t always strictly true when it comes to thinking or planning. Although, we do recognize that sometimes more truly is better when it comes to jewelry and fashion, which has directly been reflected in the appearance of our two-ring band wave ring.

As you’d expect from the title, this ring strays from the norm. There’s not just one band here, there’s two: one sweeping slightly downward and one sweeping slightly upward. It’s a design we’re especially proud of, elegant and refined and made even more so when finished in real, shiny 14K gold. You’ll notice it’s still not a busy design, though, letting its beauty shine through no gimmicks or intricate details required.

  1. Dot and Curved Band Ring Set

Now, if you’ve made it this far on the list and still haven’t found the right wholesale jewelry piece that speaks to you, we’re honestly a little surprised. But perhaps you simply need something a touch less minimalistic than the rest. Think that’s the case? You might find our dot and curved band ring set more aligned with your tastes.

Amongst the rest of the options we’ve presented, this one really stands out. A ring set comprised of a band with a dip detailing and another with a (comparatively) larger circle center, it isn’t crazy bold but it certainly captures attention. Reminiscent of our celestial charms, you can create a truly comprehensive aesthetic by pairing it with a DIY moon pendant necklace or star earrings!

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