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Sterling silver is a beautiful and affordable alternative to gold when it comes to jewelry. However, many people don't know what authentic 925 sterling silver jewelry looks like or how to identify it from costume jewelry. This article will help you learn the difference between real sterling silver and fake costume jewelry so that you can spend your money wisely!

What Is Real 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry?

Authentic sterling silver jewelry is marked with a stamp that contains the words .925. This mark ensures that your piece of jewelry has been made from at least 92.50% pure silver and can be considered real sterling silver. Some pieces are stamped as high as 95%. In contrast, custom jewelry will contain less than 91.66% or more than 96% percent of precious metal content, so it falls on the opposite end of the spectrum!

How Can I Tell If My Silver Jewelry is Authentic or Fake?

There are many ways to tell if your 925 Sterling Silver is authentic or fake. Follow these guidelines to ensure you're only purchasing the real deal.

  1. The Weight Test: One of the easiest ways to tell if your jewelry is fake or authentic is to compare the weight of the silver. Pull out an original silver piece of jewelry and compare it to the piece in question. If the weight feels similar, it's likely to be more genuine. In general, authentic sterling silver jewelry will be heavier than fake.
  1. White Cloth Test: Take a plain, white cloth and rub the jewelry with it. If any black marks appear on the fabric, then you are dealing with genuine sterling silver. Real Sterling silver will oxidize due to the air exposure it receives, and as it deteriorates, black marks will fall off.
  1. Use The Magnet Test: If you're dealing with genuine silver, then it won't be impacted by magnets, just like there is no impact on platinum or gold. However, if you find that your jewelry is sticking to the magnet, then you might not have the real deal.
  1. Check The Metal Quality: The shine and quality of 925 Sterling Silver are very different than fake jewelry. Authentic sterling silver jewelry will have a shinier finish than counterfeit silver.
  1. Consider the Price Tag: The price tag can tell you if your sterling silver is real or not - if it costs less, then there's a good chance that it's fake. However, take this tip with a bit of caution because sellers will still try to sell phony silver for more money if they can get away with it. This is why it's essential to always research any jewelry shop you plan to purchase from to ensure it's well-known and reputable.
  1. Feel For Softness: Use your fingers to see how soft the 925 Sterling Silver metal feels and compare that to other pieces of faux silver. Fakes won't feel as soft because they're made with cheaper metals.
  1. Check For the 925 Inscriptions: Look for any inscriptions or stamps on either side of the item; these should match up in order to be considered genuine. If you can't find the 925 labels, it might be fake silver. However, it's important to note that these transcriptions are very small. If you can't find them, take your jewelry to your local shop, and they can look through a microscope to ensure it has an inscription.

What are the Benefits of Buying high-quality jewelry?

Besides having a beautiful piece of jewelry that you can wear with any outfit on any occasion, there are many benefits to buying real 925 sterling silver versus its fake counterpart. 

  • Real sterling silver is made with high-quality metals to create a piece that will last for generations. You can pass your 925 Sterling Silver on to your kids, and they'll be able to sell the piece or let it grow in value.
  • 925 Sterling Silver jewelry can be used as an investment because it will hold its value over time, which means you won't lose money if you resell it. If you buy fake silver, it will likely not retain its value over time and might even lose money when reselling the item because of lower quality metal.
  • Buying real sterling silver helps support small businesses who operate ethically by doing things right instead of cutting corners or using cheaper metals like nickel or brass.

Tips for taking care of your new pieces of 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry

  1. Avoid wearing your Sterling Silver jewelry while swimming, bathing, or using harsh chemicals. The natural oils on your skin can tarnish the silver and should be wiped off with a soft cloth before putting it back on again.
  1. If you have an allergic reaction to the sterling silver metal as some people do, try wearing other materials like gold instead of opting for less expensive alternatives that are made from nickel or brass, which may irritate sensitive skin. 
  1. When taking care of items in high humid areas such as bathrooms or kitchens, it's recommended to store them in airtight containers away from moisture, so they don't tarnish. Also, avoid stacking pieces together because this can cause scratches over time and result in permanent discoloration. 

Choose Reputable Real 925 Sterling Silver Jewelers

Silver is a beautiful and timeless metal that many people enjoy owning. It's important to know what authentic 925 sterling silver jewelry is and how to tell if it's real or fake, so you can be sure your purchase will last for years to come. 

There are many benefits to wearing authentic items made from this precious metal, including the fact that they won't scratch as easily as other metals like gold. If you want an heirloom-quality piece of jewelry for yourself or someone else in your life, we recommend using reputable jewelry and charms wholesaler HarperCrown, who specialize in genuine pieces only.

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