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The evil eye is an ancient superstition that has been around since the dawn of time. The Evil Eye, also known as mal de Ojo or jinxing, refers to a curse cast by an evil person which causes injury or illness. It is often used in conjunction with envy and jealousy because it is believed that the envious individual will give his/her "malice" to another person through this form of bad luck. In this blog, we'll cover everything you need to know about the evil eye symbol and the jewelry you can wear to protect yourself.

What Does the Evil Eye Symbol Look Like?

The evil eye symbol is a dark brown or black iris with an upside-down teardrop. It's believed that the person who has malicious intent will be able to curse another person just by making direct eye contact.

Where Did the Evil Eye Originate From?

The evil eye first started appearing in ancient Egyptian artwork as a representation of the god Horus. The symbol is also found throughout many cultures and was even known to be used by some Native Americans who believe that those with dark skin could see things more clearly than those with light-colored eyes.

This symbol has been interpreted for centuries in different ways. Some claim it's purely superstitious, while others say it can actually cause physical harm because of its intense gaze.

Some arguments go so far as to say that constant exposure from someone else could harm their health or well-being without them even knowing what happened (i.e., they may feel sick one day after receiving an angry look).

This superstition may have roots in the ancient world, but it is alive and well today. Some people will wear a talisman around their neck to protect themselves from the evil eye, while others will take certain precautions when dealing with someone who might be suspected of having one. For example, some cultures believe that you should never look anyone directly in the eye for more than three seconds as it could result in them sending an unfavorable wish your way without even knowing they did anything at all! Additionally, if someone believes your eyes are especially beautiful or desirable, then they'll typically avert their gaze out of reverence to avoid any ill-wishes being cast on them through jealousy instead.

How Do You Give Someone the Evil Eye?

The evil eye is thought of as a look given to inflict harm, suffering, or some form of bad luck on those that it is cast upon. It is a look that clearly states that one intends for something bad to happen to the object of one's focus, either out of jealousy or pure malice. How you give someone an "evil eye" depends entirely on what culture you're in and how they believe this power manifests itself. 

In Ancient Rome, it was believed that the evil eye could be shot by anyone at any time, so people wore amulets around their neck with inscriptions like "I have been looking after myself." On the other side of things, Yanomami tribe members from South America will take significant precautions when giving birth to avoid eye contact not to pass off bad energy to their babies.

However, in general, there are three main ways that one can cast the evil eye onto someone else, including:

  • giving them a look of intense and concentrated glare while they sleep
  • glaring at them in envy from afar without showing any sign of emotion
  • intentionally causing friction between two people for no reason other than jealousy (i.e., creating drama).

 How Can Someone Protect Against the Evil Eye Curse?

Yes! A common way to protect oneself against this bad luck spell is by wearing an amulet or talisman, such as evil eye jewelry. Along with this, If someone gives you an Evil Eye in person, look them straight in the eye and say, "I am not afraid," which will break any kind of spell they were trying to cast over you. 

Natural amulets include stones such as lapis lazuli and turquoise that are believed to have healing properties. The color blue is also considered a deterrent against the evil eye curse because it represents purity.

Even more common than actual physical objects are written symbols on paper, often drawn with water and salt to create an 'armor' of sorts for the person at risk from the spell. These charms usually contain Quranic verses like "I seek refuge in Allah from Satan who has created despair." Typically, they will also carry other religious motifs, including words like "Allah" or pictures of holy figures like Jesus Christ.

Is Evil Eye Jewelry Safe to Wear?

Yes, it is safe to wear. Since the evil eye is thought of as a look given to inflict harm, suffering, or some form of bad luck on those that it is cast upon, wearing evil eye jewelry can help repel that energy away from you, whether that's from your home or business. 

Many people like to wear an evil eye pendants around their neck as protection against jealous neighbors or gossiping friends who might be looking out for you and plotting against you.

Do People Wear Evil Eye Jewelry?

Evil eye jewelry is popular with many people because of the strong protection and good luck it can bring. The interest in evil eye jewelry has only increased since the pandemic because people feel the need to protect themselves and find good luck in difficult situations.

Find The Best Evil Eye Jewelry

With so many cultures around the world believing in the power of the evil eye, it's no surprise that these pieces of evil eye jewelry and evil eye charms are always one of our top sellers at HarperCrown. However, regardless if you believe in them or not, there is something to be said about their protective qualities and good luck they can bring when worn daily (or as often as possible).

If you want an authentic piece with all the proper protection features for your needs, check out our full collection available online today. We carry everything from bracelets to earrings to rings--all perfect for keeping any bad energy at bay while bringing wealth and success into your life!


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